Certificate of Competency and Certificate of Equivalent Competency Verification

If you are a Shipping Company, Crewing Agent or Maritime Administration and you do not have a log in please email the MCA at exams@mcga.gov.uk. Please provide the MCA with your full details including the name of your company Director/Chief Executive, full address and company website details.


1. Please ensure you enter the name exactly as stated and enter the full certificate number including CoC or CEC at the beginning. The fields are case sensitive. Also ensure that the letter O and number 0 are correct (this is a common error). If details are not entered correctly the certificate will not be confirmed.

For Example
  • D’Souza: must have D apostrophy (‘) Souza
  • Smith – Jones: must be Smith space hyphen space Jones
  • Certificate no: CoC00XXXXXX or CEC00XXXXXX.

2. Select the correct entry for the capacity from the drop down list

For Example
  • Master (Yachts).

3. Dates must be entered in the following format

  • 25th September 2005 should be entered as 25/09/2005.

4. When all the information has been entered correctly click on ‘Look up these details’.

If all the certificate details are correct you will see two parts on the screen

  • will confirm that certificate number CEC00XXXXX or CoC00XXXX is correct and will show the date the certificate expires
  • will show the capacity and limitations on the certificate and any tanker endorsements.

If you wish to track progress of an application for a CoC/CEC, you need application tracking

Seafarers Training & Certification Branch
Maritime & Coastguard Agency
Bay 1/17 Spring Place
105 Commercial Road
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